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Have You Hugged Your Explainatory Gap Today?!

"Falling into random informational states since 1986..."

Jared Bowers
7 August
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So, yeah, about me. I am nineteen and graduated from Francis Howell High School last year. This year, I plan to spend a year or two at a local junior college, mostly because I blew off my classes in high school working on my own things. After that, I will hopefully attend some really good place and make a name for myself. My long term goal is to have a "Toy Factory" of my own, maybe at some university, where I can build progressivley advanced robots, with the idea of eventually approaching something of a human-level. However, I would like to avoid working for the government despite the enormous funds at their disposal; I dislike the idea of the United States owning anything I make. Obviously, I am a huge fan of Philosophy, Artifical Intelligence, Technology, and anything that might in any way be remotley related to accomplishing the feat of constructing machines of human-level intelligence. I find discussions pertaining to these topics to be engrossing and I am quite capable of pontificating on them at length. If you do too, then by all means, please leave a comment provoking discussion. Also about me, I happen to be a vegetarian and off and on vegan, in accordance with my views on animal rights. If you would like to provoke discussion about this, again, leave a comment. And finally, I also happen to have a liking for certain individuals who happen to be of the same gender. If you have a problem with that, you can go jump off a bridge or something. If you feel like discussing *that*, feel free, once again, to leave a *respectful* comment. Just remember folks, if you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all.

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(Semen, er...Seamen)
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